Top 2022 Interior & Exterior Color Trends

Top 2022 Interior & Exterior Color Trends
September 18, 2022 santiago quintero
Olive Green Cabinets Project

The 2022 color trends mix timeless neutrals, natural hues and elegant jewel tones — and contain some happy surprises. Read on to see which ones you’ll want to incorporate into your own décor. But of-course when it comes time for the big decision, our experienced team members at Paint Ops will always help you make the right choice!


The 2022 Color Trends, Unpacked


Olive Green

This relaxed, inviting green makes us think of olive leaves or the soothing aloe vera plant. Lively, organic, versatile and modern, it’s a hue that fits in anywhere, but is especially great in living rooms.


Don’t get us wrong – we love gray, but after years of the same light gray walls, we’re looking for something a little different. Looking at the 2022 color trends shows that gray will edge more toward silver, with an indigo undertone rather than the beige-oriented hues of the last decade



If you’re looking for the best “black” for your home’s exterior, try a cool, stony black that will earn your neighbor’s admiration. Or bring it inside and use it on your home office’s walls and trim for a sophisticated, clean look that’ll be the best thing about your Zoom calls.


Embrace and enjoy the natural/neutral theme with a dark gray brown the color of a black walnut. Darker than greig but lighter than brown, this powerful hue is the perfect color for exterior trim or a event a renovated front door.


This light denim blue would rock your kitchen cabinets (try it with a cream-colored island). Or use it in your bedroom, where light, mid-tone blue can help you sleep better and longer.


Not Sure What Color to Choose

Check in with our painting experts at Paint Ops who can help you pick the right color scheme for your home





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