How To Choose The Right House Painting Company in Columbus, GA

How To Choose The Right House Painting Company in Columbus, GA
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When hiring a  house painting company in Columbus, GA, follow these tips to ensure you choose the right one for your home painting project:

Painting is one of the more popular home improvement projects homeowners like to undertake. Whatever the scope of the project, hiring a professional painting contractor will save a lot of time and effort. Before you choose a contractor, who meets your needs, consider the following:


How long has the painting contractor been in business? This trade can have high turnover. Make sure you hire someone who has been operating for some time an has good reviews and visual portfolio of their projects.


Does the professional house painting company have a state-issued license, general liability insurance, and workers’ compensation insurance? It is ideal that the painting contractor you choose has all necessary insurance and licenses.

A reputable painting contractor will have all the proper documents for licensing, and professional liability insurance. Remember that liability insurance protects you, your home, the professional painting company, and any employees that the painter company may have on site.


Does your house painting company have any online reviews you can read and look over. A trusted and professional house painter/painting contractor should be able to provide you with more than one place they have online reviews. Good places to look for reviews for a professional contractor are Google Business, Thumbtack, Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Yelp, and their official website, to name a few.

But reviews are only a part of the process, painting is all about the end result, check is the company you are considering has a portfolio or a good number of photos of their previous work in social media. This should help you know what to expect.


What kind of preparation work does the house painting company do? A cheaper house painter/painting contractor will skimp on the prep work to cut corners. However, a good professional house painter will take the time to do everything that should be done, what they have stated they will do in the proposal, and what you both agreed would be done. The workmanship, passion and experience will show in the end, good or bad.


Experience counts! Can the house painting company make recommendations on what materials will work best for your house painting project? Does the house painter sound as if he is skilled and knowledgeable regarding his trade? A professional house painter/painting contractor will keep up with the latest products, techniques, and paint brands. They will have suggestions for colors and finishes, as well as demonstrate knowledge about the latest trends.


Make sure the professional house painter puts the scope of the painting project, materials they will use, as well as the amount of prep work in a written contract. Be sure your contract is not outlined on the back of a business card or a drawn-up dollar figure on a piece of paper. A professional painting contractor will provide their clients with professionally written contracts and specifications for your interior and/or exterior painting project.

  1. COST

Price is naturally a concern; however, getting the lowest price should not be your first or only consideration. You want to hire a house painter with skill and experience; one who is licensed and fully insured. Finding a quality painting contractor will not likely be the individual with the lowest bid, but it does not need to be the highest bid, either.

Make sure not to hire on price alone but look at the package as a whole. House painting companies in Columbus, GA operate on very tight profit margins. You will hear of homeowners who hired college students, unlicensed individuals, and teachers out of work in the summer and were not happy with the work.

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